There are many people who have fought hard courageous battles against cancer. Battle after battle brought new hope to their survival. However in the end, for no lack of fighting, the cancer prevailed. We need to celebrate their lives, for every one of these people survived and endured many tests throughout their years. They have all touched many people and we need to celebrate their time with us.

In order to remember and share their lives with others, we ask you to submit a photo (optional) of your loved one with a story of their life. The story may include events in their life that helped shape who they were, and how their presence affected those around them. We need to celebrate those who have been taken too early and this is one place where this is possible. In talking with others, this process is very enriching for the author(s), and enlightening for the readers.

Sumbit your story here

My father, John McManus, loved life to the fullest.  His favourite saying was "Get in shape and keep fit."  He was always in shape, and even in the hospital, he could be found doing push-ups at the end of his bed.  In 2004, he was diagnosed with colon cancer.  After the operation, he worked hard to recover.  He was fine for a couple of years, and then he began experiencing back pain that turned out to be cancer.  The following two stories were published by the University of Toronto, and the Globe and mail respectively........ READ MORE >>>

My father, Dr. Terry Porter died of cancer on Friday September 15th, 2006, leaving behind an unbelievable partnership with his wife, Andrea, which produced four sons - Steve, Dave, Rob and Mike.  As you read this, some of you will have heard of him, some will have not.  It is safe to say that if you knew him, he made an impression on you.  Terry "Doc" Porter was an orthopedic surgeon in Barrie, Ontario, Canada for over 30 years.  During that time he consulted, counselled and treated hundreds of thousands of........ READ MORE >>>


"What makes cancer so horrific is how it continues to torment and taunt its victims long after the treatments are finished"
– The Globe and Mail

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