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This website was created by Marty McCrone and family. In January 2000, Marty was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer. The tumor was located at the base of the tongue. Treatment consisted of 25 sessions of radiation followed up with a radical neck surgery. Up to this point in his life, Marty had never broken a bone, received stitches or was ill, other than the odd cold. He was active, exercised daily and ate well. He taught Physical and Health education and was a personal trainer.

After a tough recovery with many ups and downs, Marty was diagnosed with yet another cancer five years later. In January (January hasn’t been a good month) 2005, Marty was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Of course treatment was the full Monty with removal of the prostate and 30 treatments of radiation.

We, as a family, encourage you to submit stories, contribute to the discussion forums and know that you are not alone in your fight against cancer and that there is always someone to talk about your journey. Hopefully this website will assist you in your recovery. Make Life Your Vacation!

This website has been developed for visitors to share stories of recovery and new beginnings. One of the biggest pieces missing in the getting sick and recovery game is being able to talk and share experiences with others. This website is intended to be a happy place to visit. Those of us who have been touched by cancer, whether as a patient, spouse, relative, or friend, are warriors. We need to share the stories about our journey, and celebrate the lives of our loved ones who won many battles but in the end lost the war.

Why This Site
When I was diagnosed, I went to the web and read everything I could about my particular cancer. Most of the sites included clinical stuff which was informative. Through the websites, I learned about the treatments, recovery, and statistics, but they didn’t prepare me for my journey. I did, however, find a website that was of great interest. A person, who had been diagnosed with the same cancer as me, had chronicled his journey though the treatment and recovery phase. This gave me an idea of what was ahead with regards to how I would feel through the various stages of treatment. I had no other way of knowing what I was up against. The Doctor’s were fabulous, but they were focused – and I am grateful to all of them for getting me through the various procedures, so that I would have a chance to survive. There are various support groups out there. This will hopefully be another one. You may strike up relationships via e-mail, phone or in person with someone who needs to talk. The world can be a lonely place at times and it is sometimes of benefit to share stories with others.

The purpose of Make Life Your Vacation is to be a sharing place and support for those touched by cancer, so that they may find one another and share their experiences. Your e-mail address will not be sold to anyone and any correspondence between two people will be through the website with the approval of both parties.

Medical Disclamer
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Advertising Policy
Make Life Your Vacation is a privately maintained site.
The McCrone family is the sole owner of the Site. The operating costs associated with running the site are funded by the McCrone’s. Some cost might be defrayed in the future through some sponsorship programs. Make Life Your Vacation has no official affiliation with any organization. Reference or links to other websites or products are unremunerated.


"What makes cancer so horrific is how it continues to torment and taunt its victims long after the treatments are finished"

– The Globe and Mail

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